Licences Conversions

Do you have a certain pilot’s license and your needs change?

You have a certain pilot license and your needs change?
Helicraft offers the training you need to convert your license to suit your project.
If you want to convert your aircraft license into a helicopter license, or convert ICAO licenses into Transport Canada licenses, contact us for more details on the program you need to follow.

To ensure that your aviation background meets all Transport Canada requirements for the desired license, we invite you to e-mail photocopies of your logbook (complete), aviation licenses and medical certificates to Transport Canada, which will submit a training program for your Canadian CPL-H.

If all the prerequisites are met, you can start your training at Helicraft, and sit the theory and practical exams as soon as your training program is completed, and your level is deemed satisfactory by your instructor.

For an EASA license conversion, it is customary to complete around 12 hours of flights (depending on your skills) before guaranteeing a satisfactory level on the exam.
The theoretical part must be completed before your arrival in Canada, using the online training platform.

Allow a total conversion budget of around $9,000 CAD for R-22s, and $12,000 CAD for R-44s (depending on your flying experience).

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