Instructor license

The instructor’s license allows passionate pilots to pass on their passion to future recruits, while gaining valuable experience for the rest of their career.

Program of the training

Obtaining the flight instructor’s license requires 30 hours of flight time, and 25 hours of theory lessons. A flight instructor is first and foremost a pilot. Before starting this training, the candidate must meet two prerequisites: hold a valid CPL (H) and have accumulated 250 flight hours as a captain. For information, a student finishing his CPL has only 35 hours of flight time as a captain and will have to acquire 215 hours of flight before entering this training.

The training covers learning methods and teaching techniques, course preparation, in-depth helicopter mechanics and its operating limitations, flight manuals, official regulations and guides, and pilot decision-making methods. .

Theoretical lessons are individual, and given in blocks of 2 to 3 hours. The practical courses are carried out on the Robinson RH22 and RH44 devices.

The theoretical program is carried out at the same time as the flights. The training pace is three theoretical courses as well as two flights per week, and lasts for 3 months full-time. If you hold a job during your training, we can set up a study pace for you that suits your availability.

Job prospects

The career of a flight instructor offers many advantages. The positions offered are full-time, sedentary, with regular working hours. Generally speaking, flight schools in Canada are in labor shortages and are constantly looking for flight instructors. It is relatively easy to find a job in this field.

Becoming an instructor also allows you to quickly acquire hours of flight, while improving your piloting techniques. Although the hours are mainly spent on piston helicopters, it quickly achieves the minimums required by companies to fly on turbine helicopters.

The future instructor must be motivated to adapt brilliantly to several personalities in order to impart the same quality teaching, have an excellent sense of organization and be patient in teaching.

  • Minimum age 18
  • Category 1 aeronautical medical certificate
  • Have logged a minimum of 250 hours as a captain and 15 hours of instrument flight
  • Average duration: 3 months
  • Theoretical courses: 25 hours (minimum)
  • Flight training: 30 hours (minimum)

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