A first look at your student life at Helicraft, and in Montreal.


French speaking …

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec. It has more than 4 million inhabitants, mostly French-speaking: it is the second French-speaking city in the world after Paris. More than 140,000 French, Belgians and Swiss live there. You will not be disoriented!

… But American…

The city retains a very large American imprint, due to its proximity to Uncle Sam’s country (about an hour by car). Skyscrapers, roads all perpendicular, fast food on every street corner, the Jacques Cartier Bridge reminiscent of the San Francisco Bridge: you will immediately feel in America!

… And open to the world.

Montreal is also a very cosmopolitan city. Its different neighborhoods illustrate it with their architecture, and are called Chinatown, Little Italy or the Little Maghreb. In the streets, you can hear all languages spoken!

Like its inhabitants, Montreal is warm, multi-cultural, fun and delicious to experience!

Quebecers are open-minded, very warm people. They have a great zest for life! In general, they expect people-to-people interactions to be polite and respectful. You should know that in Quebec, familiarity is very common. Most problems here can be solved with a simple smile and without speaking up.

Canada is a country of extremes! Montreal is a city that experiences very pleasant summers (average 21 °) but also very cold winters (-10 ° average).

These low temperatures should be put into perspective because the Canadian cold is very different from the European winter. It is very dry, so you will be less cold in Montreal when it is -15 than with 2 degrees in Paris.

Little is known about it, but Montreal is also a city whose summers last 3 full months with the most pleasant temperatures. It is a very lively city, the inhabitants move mainly on foot and by bicycle.
Montreal offers many opportunities, there are many things to do and see all year round.

In winter, you can go snowshoeing in Mont Royal Park, just like going skating in one of the city’s many outdoor rinks. The nearest ski resorts are 45 minutes away by car. There are also many winter festivals, such as the Fête des Neiges, the Montreal en Lumière festival, and the Igloofest. Montreal organizes more than 40 festivals every year (International Festival, Just for Laughs, Festibière or even Comiccon).

In summer, you can enjoy one of the city’s many green spaces.
Municipal parks offer very popular leisure and recreation areas, you are even allowed to barbecue freely! Public swimming pools, tennis courts, natural ponds, bike paths, parks are an integral part of Montreal’s pace of life.

The city lends itself perfectly to physical activities: you can join a hockey, baseball, football (“soccer” in Quebec) team, or even cycle on the Rives du Saint-Laurent, a hike on the Mont. -Royal, kite-surfing on the river, etc. On Sundays, you can sunbathe on Clock Beach in the Old Port, shop downtown or stroll through Old Montreal.

Montreal also has several professional sports teams such as the Montreal Impact (soccer), the Montreal Alouettes (American football) and of course the hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens. Several sporting events take place during the summer such as the Rogers Cup (tennis), or the Canadian Grand Prix (Formula 1).

While studying at Helicraft, you will have the opportunity to work part-time, i.e. 20 hours per week. It will be very easy for you to find a food job in Quebec, to finance your daily living expenses. Your student visa allows you to do this, and it will be possible as long as your schedule does not conflict with your training schedule.

Budget - How much for a…?


Rent of a studio



Phone subscription



Liter of gasoline



Cinema ticket



Metro ticket



Big Mac Menu



Kilo of tomato



Liter of milk



Pasta package






Restaurant for 2





Life at Helicraft

An excellent working atmosphere reigns at Helicraft.

An excellent working atmosphere reigns at Helicraft.
Students are present at school Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., whether or not they have scheduled classes. They benefit from comfortable review areas dedicated to personal work, and our instructors remain available at all times to help them with their studies.

Helicraft is a helicopter flight school, but first and foremost it’s a big family. Here, everyone knows each other and meets each other on a daily basis: students, pilots, instructors, administrative staff and even the president. This cohesion shines through during the meal, when everyone eats at the same table, makes friends and discusses together. At the end of the day, or during the weekend, we often get together for a drink or a barbecue, to unwind and have a good time together.

This atmosphere is dear to us, and we regularly organize activities to enhance the collective spirit: football game, paintball, karting, outings, etc …

Student accommodation:

Helicraft provides its students with 8 comfortable rooms. You will live in a shared apartment with other students from your class, in recent accommodation and in an ideal setting for learning.


  • Located 10 minutes from the school
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Living room with television
  • Terrace

Rent including:

  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Heater
  • Hot water

Nearby services:

  • Supermarkets
  • Bar Restaurant
  • Gas station
  • Sports Hall
  • Cinema
  • Bank

Here is the map of services near Helicraft

Come study with us!

Helicraft is a private educational institution, approved by the Quebec’s Ministry of Education. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you will need a study visa to complete your training at Helicraft.
See the process below!

Any foreign student wishing to study in the Quebec region must first obtain a CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate). You will be able to make your request online via the immigration-quebec website.

A fee of $ 100.00 will apply for obtaining your CAQ. Following the submission of your file, the deadline for receiving your CAQ will be approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Once you have obtained your CAQ, you will need to apply for a Study Permit. This is the second step in obtaining your Student Visa, which will be given to you at the customs post upon your arrival in Montreal.

This is done online. You will need to create your file and provide various documents via this website: Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Study permit application

Here, a fee of $ 125.00 will be charged to you for the application of your file by the Government of Canada.

The processing time for your file will again be 4 to 6 weeks. It is essential to wait until you obtain your Study Permit before arriving in Canada.

Your papers obtained, the time will come to pack your bags for the big departure.

You may need to buy a few things to cope with the cold winter weather: hat, gloves, high shoes and thick coats are essential. Remember that a helicopter pilot is working outside at all times!

In addition, Canada being the country of the great outdoors, most of our students quickly get a vehicle to get around.
Although public transportation exists everywhere in the Montreal area, a used car will greatly facilitate your journeys and be cheaper to buy than in Europe.

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