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The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a complete training that opens the door to a career as a helicopter pilot.

Following this training, you may have to carry out all types of missions:

  • V.I.P Air Taxi
  • Aerial shot
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Sling load transport
  • Fire-fighting
  • Mining exploration

Training program

Commercial license requires 100 hours of flight time and 80 hours of theoretical course. It is accessible to any adult who has met the Class 1 aeronautical medical certificate. There are no other prerequisites to start this training.

Our training sessions begin in January, May and September. Theoretical classes are collective (maximum 6 students). Practical lessons are available on Robinson RH22 and RH44.

The students goes through the theoretical program and the flight training concurrently. The pace of training is five theoretical courses as well as three flights per week, and lasts 6 to 8 months full time. If you are already employed and start your training for professional retraining, we will be able to set up an adapted program depending on your availability.


Getting his first job as a helicopter pilot is a dream come true. Helicraft will help you reaching this goal by thanks to its network, its reputation and its experience in the aeronautics industry.

The Canadian CPL (H) license is recognized in the 52 member countries of the Commonwealth and in some other countries in Africa and Asia that do not have flight schools. So it’s a good part of the globe that will be available to you when you graduate. A helicopter pilot must be ready to travel to work. He will have to speak English fluently to enhance his candidacy.

With its 45 years of experience, Helicraft enjoys an unrivaled reputation and network in the aerospace industry, all over the world. Since 1969, Helicraft has trained more than 1500 pilots. Most of them are professional pilots and work around the world. We provide our students with contact information for several helicopter companies based in different countries, and we help them in their search for a job.

As a former member of the Allard group, which operates more than 80 helicopters in Canada, the school is in a privileged position and is kept informed of the mew job offer in the group, to recommend its students.

Each year, Helicraft hires 3 to 4 of its students and offers them a first professional experience throughout its Career + Program. Find out below the details of our professionalization program.

  • Minimum age : 18 y.o.
  • Category 1 Aeronautical medical certificate
  • Aerodynamics and Flight Theory
  • Flight Instruments
  • Cells, Systems and Engine
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Radiocommunications
  • Flight Operations
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Human Factors
  • Decision making

55h in dual-command including :

  • 5h travel flight
  • 10h instrument flight

35h solo flight including :

  • 10h navigation
  • 3h travel flight
  • 5h flight simulator with an instructor

Training Schedule

Pratique (8 months)

Théorique (4 months)

Visa (12 months)

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