Private pilot license

enjoy and share

your passion

Attaining a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to pilot a helicopter for your own pleasure and to share your passion with your family and friends.

It is also possible for working professionals to fly as part of their work (e.g. to go from one place of work to another in an isolated region), however it is forbidden to charge money for a flight or any service resulting directly from a flight for clients.


Attaining a Private Pilot Licence requires 45 hours of flight time and 40 hours of theory classes.

The theory program takes place concurrently with the flight training. We recommend a pace of two theory classes as well as two flights per week for optimal progression. The training flights are conducted in Robinson R22 or R44.


Your training program will be personalized to your needs and availability. Your classes are private and planned according to your preferences.

Otherwise, your training will be focused on flights for leisure, while the commercial pilot licences focus more on aerial work. We will delve into your daily future as a pilot, and we will bring special attention to navigation, airport procedures, and landing in restricted areas.


After obtaining your licence, you will have the possibility to hire helicopters from Helicraft at reduced rates (along with the reservation of regular practice sessions).
  • Minimum 17 years old
  • Aeronautical medical certificate category 3
  • Aerodynamics and Flight Theory
  • Flight Instruments
  • Cells, Systems and Engine
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Radiocommunications
  • Air Operations
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Human Factors
  • Decision making

17h in dual-command including :

  • 3h travel flight
  • 5h instrument flight

12h solo flight including :

  • 5h travel flight
  • 3h flight simulator with an instructor

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