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Pilot experience packages last 1h30 to 2h00, including 30 to 60 min of flight. You will discover everything from the piloting of a helicopter, closely supervised by an experienced instructor at your side.

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The experience starts with a theoretical course in the classroom: you will learn the different types of helicopters, the fundamental principles of flight, the environment of the pilot as well as the operation of the controls. Then you will complete the helicopter inspection, weather check and the flight briefing.This part is essential to optimiwe the flight and is identical to an early classical training. 

Thus, if the apprentice wants to one day attend a full control, whether for private or commercial license, you can save this familiarization flight as the first hour of flight. The flight is usually done on the Robinson R22 two-seater helicopter. It is possible, by choosing the Robinson R44, to invite two relatives of the apprentice pilot to sit back enjoy the flight!

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