Carreer+ Program

The Career+ Program gives you the opportunity to be employed by Helicraft for one year as a commercial pilot, and to fly up to 130 hours in addition to your training.

Advantages of the program

The Career+ program offers you your first job as soon as you obtain your Commercial Licence, by enrolling in further training. You will work in a setting that you are familiar with, with a team that you have chosen. It is the perfect first job!

It also gives you access to the flight hours needed to receive your American CPL licence and the ATPL European licence. In total you will have 240 flight hours, accumulated like, accumulated in this manner:

  • 110 hours of instructed flight in the setting of your AEC training as a student.
  • 130 hours of commercial flight working for a year as a Helicraft pilot.

At the end of the program, you will have attained the minimum requirements for obtaining the American CPL licence (150 hours) and the European Frozen ATPL licence (185 hours). You could thus add the following to your pilot CV:

  • 240 flight hours
  • Canadian CPL
  • American FAA CPL
  • European EASA Frozen ATPL(H)

Helicraft is the only pilot school in Quebec to offer you such a technical background.

Recruitment criteria

All students follow our AEC training are eligible for the Career+ program. Every year, we select among them 3 to 4 candidates who will do the commercial flight season. The recruitment is done by profile, we evaluate their aptitude on the ground as well as in flight.

Your flight competence is validated by obtaining a PPC (Pilot Proficiency Check), necessary for all commercial pilots.

We evaluate your competence on the ground and your professionalism daily during your CPL(H) training. The rigor, the manner of working in a team, people skills, the capacity to undertake and assume responsibilities are just as much qualities that you will need to show.

Job description

If you are selected, you will be able to pilot our Robinson R44 anywhere in Quebec, and and will perform up to 130 hours of flight in 12 months, in carrying out different missions:

  • Flyovers of Montreal
  • Aerial photography
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Maiden flights

You will assure the integrity of these missions, of commercial management and planning of flights, and of piloting the aircraft as commander on board.

This first job will offer you the chance to discover multiply facets of your profession, as well as a first professional experience with an aeronautical company.
  • Be part of our AEC training.
  • Meet the selection criteria
  • Satisfy the PPC Exam
  • Be available 12 months

Career + program gives you more knowledge and more experience than any other training currently available.
Following the ATPL (H) EASA training, you have the most advanced aeronautical degree.
Detaining the Canadian and American CPL, you will open more doors and be able to work on the largest fleets of helicopters in the world. America, Asia, Africa: your skills are recognized all around the world.

With a year of experience as a helicopter pilot, your profile takes on added value with recruiters because you are more competent than most other young pilots who only hold a CPL.


  • CPL
    Drapeau Canadien

  • Premier emploi

    Drapeau Américain

  • 185h de vol

    Drapeau Europe

CPL (8 mois)

AEC (12 mois)

Programme Carrière+ (12 mois)


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