Romain Vidy

After getting my training from another school, I cumulated 1500 hours of flight on piston helicopters principally with instruction flights.

In June 2007, I came to Helicraft in order to fly as a commercial pilot on turbine.

After passing my qualification on AS350 and after a summer gaining experience on turbine, I left in October for my first contract with a Bell 206 on float.

The season ended and I resumed my work as an instructor at the new Satellite base in Gatineau.

In July 2008, after the annual training, I took the plane for the Bay James where a company’s AS350 awaited me. 35 days later, I left the site with a good experience on AS350. This experience allowed me to work all summer long for Hydro Quebec.

At the end of 2008, I cumulated 2100 hours of flight including 400 hours on turbine. I started back working as an instructor to share my experience.