Pascal Jagut

Fascinated by the helicopter industry for years, I was waiting for the right timing to start the adventure. After selling my company, an opportunity occurred. Being in my middle life crisis I felt the need to change my career and let my dream blossom. I therefore started my search for information on the different schools, the offered trainings and the job opportunities.
Two of my friends were pilots in Canada and they guided my choice by clarifying the state of the industry and explaining the different qualifications.

With my background it became clear that I had to obtain a fast, safe and secure training that would allow me to pass on my knowledge. I naturally turned to Helicraft who offered the type of training I was looking for. It was only after visiting all the schools and meeting the managers that I took my decision.

The first conversation with Helicraft’s chief instructor was perfect. His speech was fair, objective, and straightforward and marked of franchise.
Two days later, I was filled with doubt. After so many years without school, I did not know how my learning abilities would be. I then discovered the wonderful possibilities of helicopter.
I chose to sign up in the career program to become an instructor. With Helicraft maintaining a high standard level of instruction (voted best school of 2006-07), only the best students are admitted to this program. Therefore, I had to stay alert to my curb of progression.

I’m currently at the end of my training. I will start my instructor qualification in March.
A window of blue sky was thus open, which invites me to believe in a bright future.
Finally, I intend to get involved in Helicraft which I am now convinced, will give this old dream the dimension it deserves.